That October chill in the air (meaning, the weather dipping below 90 degrees in Florida) has gotten me into a spooky mood! I just can’t wait for Halloween to get here! In the spirit of spooky, let’s take a look at some scary estates and terrifying transactions for this week’s Title Tidbits!

Homeowner Chris Butler said he just couldn’t believe how affordable his new home was when he first saw the property. It wasn’t until after the deed was signed and the documents recorded that he found out he had purchased the childhood home and first murder site of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. While finding out your home has a tragic past isn’t always the best of situations, you’d be surprised to learn that a home with a history, also known as a “stigmatized home,” actually has a pull for some of the paranormally-minded buyers out there, and there’s a special class of real estate agents that specialize in these kinds of transactions.

Dahmer’s house isn’t the only dire dwelling that’s been on the market in recent years. Who could forget the iconic murder mystery of “The Black Dahlia”? Well, the home in which Elizabeth Short’s tragic demise and that of several others is thought to have taken place went on the market a few years ago for $4,795,000. You may be surprised at the incredibly high price of the location of such tragedy, but admittedly, the home is also modeled after a Mayan Temple and was designed by famous artist Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, Lloyd. Other homes, however, do not have such redeeming qualities.

One such home is Kreischer Mansion on Staten Island. Built in 1899, the location used to be home to two Kreischer homes, but after a fire struck and the Kreischer family fortune was lost, the Kreischer son in the surviving home sadly committed suicide. However, that wasn’t the last of the property’s misfortune. In the early 2000s, it was the location of a mob hit (can you believe those still happen?). Despite all of this bad mojo, the home was still listed for almost ten million dollars in 2016.

In Knoxville, Tennessee, a man named Cassidy Melhorn was taken by his agent to tour an older home in an up and coming neighborhood. While going on their walkthrough, Melhorn took note of a strange dead space at the end of the hallway. Melhorn began peeling the paneling off of the walls and revealed a hidden staircase. Neither Melhorn nor his agent was aware that the home was actually a two-story. They went outside to try to piece all of this information together, and upon re-entering the home, they found a floor-length, aged wedding dress that hadn’t been there before hanging in the middle of the room. Needless to say, Melhorn passed on the house, and he claims it has remained vacant ever since.

Have you toured a haunted home in recent years? Better yet, do you live in one? We’re *dying* to know! If you have a spooky spectral story, visit the Turner Title Facebook page and share yours in our comments section. Maybe your story will be featured on another spine-chilling edition of Title Tidbits!