Our Role in Title

Helping Protect Your Most Important Investments

Our Role

The purchase of a home is often the largest single financial investment many people may make in their lifetime. The importance of fully protecting such an investment cannot be overly stressed. A basic home ownership protection essential to the security of the home is safe, sound, reliable title insurance.

Preliminary Report or “Commitment for Title Insurance”

The title company will search and examine the public records to investigate information surrounding title to the property. The title search is used to create a Preliminary Report provided to the lender or purchaser before closing, and reveals the following:



  • Who the legal owner of the property is
  • That the “estate” or degree of ownership being sold is currently and accurately vested in the seller
  • Property tax status and other public or private assessments
  • The presence of any unsatisfied mortgages, judgments or liens that must be satisfied before “clear title” can be conveyed
  • Existing easements, restrictions, rights of way or other rights granted to others

How We Protect Your Clients

After your sales contract has been accepted, Turner Title Company will search all related public records to look for any problems with the home’s title. This search typically involves a review of land records going back many years. More than 1/3 of all title searches reveal a problem with the title that we will make sure is fixed before you go to closing. For instance, a previous owner may have had minor construction done on the property, but never fully paid the contractor. Or the previous owner may have failed to pay local or state taxes.

We go above and beyond, running permit searches, adding to the integrity of the outcome, protecting your future with the property.


Turner Title Company seeks to resolve problems like these before you go to closing. Once we issue a title policy, if for some reason any claim which is covered under your title policy is ever filed against your property, Contact Turner Title Company and we will work diligently to process and help resolve your claim.

Title Service You Can Trust

You need a title partner who is quick to respond, easy to work with, and meticulous with all the details. Our dedication to technology keeps us at the forefront of innovation, delivering speed and convenience, by conducting every step of the closing process online. 

Submit your order information and we contact you within 24 hours to start the process. It’s that easy

Step 1

Start Your Order online and submit your contract

Step 2

We confirm your order and answer any questions.

Step 3

We examine the title.

Step 4

We schedule your closing at your home or any of our partner offices throughout Florida.

Step 5

You show up to the closing and sign off on any documents

Step 6

You’re done!