Title Tidbits – Haunted Homes

            We’ve touched on the subject of haunted homes and spooky properties in a previous Title Tidbit, and in one of the first, we briefly made mention of the realtors who specialize in selling such homes. In honor of Halloween (tomorrow, yay!), let’s take a closer look at these transactions and the people who specialize in them.

You may remember the Ghostbusters Ruling from our first Title Tidbit. The Ghostbusters Ruling came from the New York case of Stambovsky v. Ackley, a 1991 court proceeding in which it was determined that New York realtors and sellers must disclose whether or not a house is haunted to prospective buyers. New York is not the only state in which there are strict regulations on the involvement of the dead (or undead) in a real estate transaction, so much so that DiedInHouse.com, a website advising buyers as to who died where, exits. In California, any and all deaths that have taken place inside the property within the last three years must be disclosed to the buyer prior to signing a contract.

Cindi Hagley is a California realtor and nation-wide consultant specializing in haunted and other-such stigmatized homes. Hagley claims to have grown up in a haunted house, so she has up close and personal experience with such properties. When consulting for a transaction, Hagley always visits the home first to best determine if the home is truly haunted. This is huge because 49% percent of prospective homebuyers polled by Realtor.com stated that there is no circumstance under which they would consider buying a haunted or stigmatized home. If the house does turn out to be haunted, Cindi consults state laws and regulations and then advises the sellers on whether or not to inform potential buyers.

Would you purchase a haunted house? Let us know in the comments on our Turner Title Facebook page! Until then, have a happy and safe Halloween, and we’ll see you next week with another Title Tidbit!